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Created in 2005, abc-well-being shocked the codes of health in Europe. Heal or relieve themselves at any moment on the internet today is possible.

Thirteen years of rich experience in the field of alternative medicine,

The creator of this sitewanted to share his knowledge with people and demanding modern online directly through the body to massage points depending on the apparent symptoms of a disorder. We Experienceed a simple technique called acupressure, shiatsu or digiponcture consisting in finding the precise point at which to intervene with an anatomical human highlighting the energy lines of the human body. Over a thousand symptoms listed are available and to find harmony thereof.

The initiator of the concept Abc-well-being explains the reasons for his request:

Sometimes I meet people, friends suffering from minor ailments repeatedly. Often, I realized that these people wanted above all to use the medicine that suits them. Most of the time the information sources they found were poorly chosen, unreliable, vague or too eclectic. When I was in office, I shared with My patient wants to Experience The Benefits of Alternative Medicine to Their surroundings, their families and this, by simple techniques assimilated by all.

This site is not directed only to individuals:

It can just as easily provide answers to the professionals and even businesses that are increasingly faced - for example - the stress of their employees. He wants the same time meet the highest ethical and safety by indicating its limits and possibly against possible contraindications. Its uniqueness is to decline to be limited access to care, either for global access to all the treatments offered (with unlimited access until the connection is not interrupted). Another feature: four languages ​​available (French, German and Spanish).

Enjoy privileged access to our Area Care Online.

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